Private Singing Teaching
As a freelance singing teacher I am available to teach private singing lessons from my home in Cardiff. I have a Music Room dedicated to teaching with recording equipment, P.A system, piano and a whole host of vocal materials.

I hold a 100% pass rate in LAMDA examinations and am extremely proud of all my students. If you wish to take singing/Musical Theatre exams with another examination board such as ABRSM then I am happy to do so.

For more information on availability, times and prices please feel free to contact me on my contact page.


Footlights Stage School
I have previously been the Singing Teacher for two branches of the childrens Stage School Footlights. Here I taught children aged 5-16. Here I also taught LAMDA examination lessons which I still continue to do now as private singing lessons and hold a 100% pass rate.

Here at Footlights I helped produce many excellent musicals such as:
– Shrek The Musical
– The Lion Kingfootlights_theatre_logo
– Beauty and The Beast
– Bugsy Malone
– Nightmare in Christmas Town (Original Musical)
– Various charity choirs, christmas and holiday themed showcases.

I had an incredible time being a Singing Teacher for Footlights and will always be incredibly proud of how much I got to watch their talents grow.

I work for a company based in Italy called Smiledays where I teach smiledays logoEnglish through Drama to Italian School children. It’s a brilliant experience and the children and host families are always honored to have a Smiledays Tutor teach them and live with them. The English language is very hard to grasp and having spoken to parents who were previously Smiledays students, they have all said that their English skills are all thanks to their Smiledays Tutors.My classroom in Provaglio D'Iseo

Being a highly skilled singer and singing teacher means that the students I teach with Smiledays, get very detailed English skills as I myself have been trained for many years in pronouncing words clearly and correctly and it is always lovely to see them progress throughout the week.

I have currently produced and written short musicals and plays with my Smiledays students such as, The Jungle Book, The Lion King, Beauty and The Beast, Harry Potter and Star Wars!

– “Jodie has been such an amazing part of Footlights. She is the best singing teacher I have ever had. Every lesson she motivates every single person in our class. She inspires me and has always stood out to me. She doesn’t just tell you how to do something, she shows you. She goes that extra mile”. (Footlights Student)

-“For me, Jodie has been the best singing teacher we have had at Footlights ever and I can’t thank her enough for all the support she has given me. The shows couldn’t have gone as well as they did without her hard work. No teacher will ever come above her!”. (Footlights Student).

-“Jodie has always looked after all of us and been a huge part of Footlights. She’s been so kind and supportive to me”. (Footlights Student)